In Loving Memory by Gerald Hammond

In Loving Memory by Gerald Hammond

A photograph pictures more than just memories.

Detective Inspector Honey Laird is quietly enjoying maternity leave when her neighbour, Kate Ingliston, asks for help in tracking down her husband’s stolen digital camera, which contains some rather revealing pictures of her and her lover. Honey, out of a misguided sense of friendship, feels she must help, but has no idea just how risky her involvement will become.

When the trail of the stolen camera leads to the murky shores of the Glaswegian underworld, and pictures of an unidentified and dead young woman are also found on the camera, it seems that the fate of all those involved is in real danger.

Gerald Hammond is a retired architect and the creator of the mystery series featuring John Cunningham, a dog breeder in Scotland, and Keith Calder, a gunsmith. He also writes under the pseudonyms Arthur Douglas and Dalby Holden.

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