Inspector Proby Goes Back by John Gano

Inspector Proby Goes Back by John Gano

How do outwardly harmless and respectable individuals launch themselves onto the uncertain waves of bloody murder?

Mourning the death of his wife, Detective Inspector Jim Proby gets an unexpected invitation to spend some quiet time at the home of childhood friend Mary Prideaux, now a wealthy landowner. But before he can take up the offer Mary is trampled to death by stampeding cattle. Now he must attend another funeral – and some claim she was murdered.

Proby is promptly seconded to the local force and quickly discovers that a mining conglomerate is seeking to tunnel under the estate. Who else stands to gain and who to lose by Mary’s brutal demise? And how will Proby respond when he reconnects with old flames and enemies from his distant past?

John Gano’s intriguing Inspector Proby Goes Back is the latest in his crime mystery series featuring the copper with a soul. It combines with poignant introspection and shrewd social observation. More PD James than Agatha Christie.

John Gano, a criminology expert, is known for the authenticity of his novels. He specialised in law at Cambridge and spent several years visiting people in prison, giving him first-hand knowledge of life on the ‘inside’.

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