Inspector Proby in Church by John Gano

Inspector Proby in Church by John Gano

The comforts of prayer are driven out by the daily horrors revealed through police work – the everyday cruelties, the squalor of human crime …

A policeman’s lot is not a happy one. Detective Inspector Jim Proby has his hands full trying to discover who held the gun that shot a prison warder, an apparently harmless householder and even a bishop? There really does seem absolutely no connection between the three victims. Added to this he suspects his wife is having an affair.

Even the ecclesiastical circles of Hampton are tainted with scandal as Proby finds out after the bishop is caught in flagrante delicto on church premises. And then another body is found. Can Proby overcome his own self-doubts and crack this numbing conundrum at the same time? Will his ever-reliable snout – a tramp on the streets – deliver the vital clues?

John Gano’s crime mystery Inspector Proby in Church is more PD James than Agatha Christie – a ‘whydunnit’ that takes a sharp look at what makes us all tick.

John Gano, a criminology expert, was known for the authenticity of his novels. He specialised in law at Cambridge and spent several years visiting people in prison, giving him first-hand knowledge of life on the ‘inside’. Gano is the author of the Inspector Proby mystery series and two opera mysteries, Arias of Blood and Death at the Opera, in which he combines his two favourite subjects – crime and opera.

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