Jewelled Eye by Douglas Clark

Jewelled Eye by Douglas Clark

Scotland Yard’s most brilliant detective, Chief Superintendent George Masters, is this time engaged on a case that’s so tricky, so sensitive, and of such immense public concern that for many weeks he has to keep his investigations secret even from the other members of his own team.

No one—but no one—must yet know that at last a crucial breakthrough has been achieved in cancer research: in the field of molecular biology, and by a British scientist, Dr Arthur Hopcraft, and his research assistants. Hopcraft’s findings must first be checked and checked again, and treatment must be possible as soon as the facts are made public.

But now Hopcraft has disappeared, during a short holiday on the Somerset coast. When Masters begins to investigate, he comes upon evidence pointing to the terrible presumption that Hopcraft has been kidnapped by Libyans and perhaps smuggled out of the country. The danger that Libya might be in a position to control the development of a cancer cure becomes acute. Masters decides that he has to bring his team in, and they are launched upon a fascinating enquiry.

Once again Douglas Clark reveals himself to be a master of police procedure and scientific know-how.

Douglas Clark was born in Lincolnshire, 1919. He served in the Royal Horse Artillery in the 7th Armoured Division in the desert, Italy, France and Germany. Later he served in Amphibious Warfare until, on leaving the army in 1962, he joined the staff of a multinational pharmaceutical company. He wrote over 20 crime novels and under other names, including James Ditton and Peter Hosier, and a number of plays for BBC radio.

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