Leonardo by Robert Payne

Leonardo by Robert Payne

Leonardo da Vinci represents the Renaissance man in his utmost splendour.

Despite his humble origins, Leonardo da Vinci not only became a superb painter but opened up vast areas of human knowledge. His talents were discovered at an early age, and consequently the child prodigy entered Verrocchio’s studio and flourished. It is undeniable that in his 67-years he accomplished an extraordinary number of works of genius.

Meticulously researched and not without controversy, Robert Payne has drawn on a wealth of first-hand accounts and official records to dispel many of the illusions that surround da Vinci, and render a definitive portrait.

Robert Payne (1911-1983) was the author of many notable works, including The Rise and Fall of Stalin, The Life and Death of Lenin and The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler. Born in England, he was a constant world traveller, a keen observer, but always the biographer, historian, novelist, poet and translator.

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