Life Begins Tomorrow by Audrie Manley-Tucker

Life Begins Tomorrow by Audrie Manley-Tucker

When Clive Roberts began to take an interest in Sara, she was thrilled and flattered. It seemed too good to be true.

And sadly, it was. When Clive lost interest in her and started seeing another girl instead, Sara was crushed. But, after making some tough decisions, she managed to start making a new life for herself. After meeting Simon Halland at a local auction, his friendship started to become a huge help to Sara’s happiness in her new chapter. Perhaps she had even found a more lasting love.

However, when Clive makes an unexpected return to her life, Sara is powerless to resist his charms, and she is forced to tell Simon that Clive still holds her heart. But can she be sure that Clive’s love would last? Or will Sara’s search for happiness end in heartbreak once again?

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