Love and Lies by Pamela Fudge

Love and Lies by Pamela Fudge

When Dana Abraham agrees to look after her friend’s secretarial agency, she must deal with Alexander Mitchell.

Alex has rejected every woman the agency has sent: the prettier they are, the meaner he is. Dana decides to fulfil the role of perfect secretary herself, and goes in a frumpy disguise to win him over.

But Mr Mean-and-Moody Mitchell is not the bully she expects, and she finds herself becoming attracted to him. It seems he has growing feelings for her, too – but will they last when he discovers her deception?

Love and Lies is a sexy, entertaining romance from the queen of happy-ever-afters, Pamela Fudge.

Pamela Fudge was born in Poole, Dorset. She is an author, ghost writer and speaker, whose love of poetry initially led her to further explore her talent for creative writing.

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