Lovers’ Knots by Marjorie Bowen

Lovers’ Knots by Marjorie Bowen

Miss Eulalie Montacute cannot decide who she will marry.

When Hon. Augustus Tollemache, the finest match in the county with a fair choice of the beauties of two London seasons, proposes, of course she says no. Eligible Mr. Champneys also falls by the wayside. Eulalie cannot understand why all these men are so boring.

There is also a dangerous forgerer on the loose, and it is the talk of the town. When she encounters a poor looking stranger in an abandoned house on the estate, at first she is convinced she has found him. Later, when it transpires there might be family secrets in the attic, even the debonair stranger begins to look quite attractive.

Can Eulalie undo her Lovers’ Knots before disaster befalls her?

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