Low Treason by Leonard Tourney

Low Treason by Leonard Tourney

The wealthy jeweller to the nobility plots to betray the crown to Spain.

Matthew Stock’s young relation, Thomas, leaves home to apprentice himself to Castell, a jeweller in London. Then he disappears. Castell writes to say Thomas has gone to sea, but Stock decides he must investigate: such a move is unlike the boy, indeed.

While Stock is away, Thomas returns and tells Matthew’s wife Joan how the jeweller is trying to have him killed. He has discovered that Castell is blackmailing high-ranking members of Elizabeth’s court. Joan must rush to London to warn her husband. For Matthew has no idea of the danger he is in, asking the ruthless Castell about Thomas…

Leonard Tourney was born and raised in Southern California, Leonard Tourney has spent his professional life as a teacher of writing and literature, especially that of William Shakespeare. He has written eight earlier mystery novels featuring the detective Matthew Stock and his wife, Joan. Since 1985, Tourney has been on the faculty of the Writing Program at the University of California at Santa Barbara. He is married to the actress/director Judith Olauson.

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