Married Alive by Julie Burchill

Married Alive by Julie Burchill

Nicole is your average 1990s babe: fun-loving, hard-drinking, independent, sassy. But then her gran moves in…

Nicole lives with her sexy photographer husband Matt in a cool loft conversion in London’s Docklands. Her designs are beginning to sell and life seems sorted. That is until she decides to rescue her gran, Liza, from a fate worse than death – an old people’s home – and take her to London, installing her on the futon.

When Matt returns from a photo shoot expecting Nicole’s usual enthusiastic welcome – and finds Liza, minus her false teeth but ready and willing – he is less than amused.

And, when Nicole suspects that Matt is having an affair with a page-three model, things go from bad to worse… Is this a case of Hell being other people, Nicole wonders? Or is she well on the way to being buried – or married – alive?

Julie Burchill is known for her controversial and acerbic style of journalism. Married Alive is a witty yet touching portrayal of a modern woman.

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