Mike Dime by Barry Fantoni

Mike Dime by Barry Fantoni

A rainy winters night, 1948: The eve of Harry Truman’s surprise presidential win. Private Detective Mike Dime likes his drink when he can get it, and his women when he can get them, and takes any business that comes his way. Settling down to a stiff drink, Dime’s evening is interrupted by a phone call from a distressed woman needing help. The last time she saw her husband was with a suitcase full of stolen dollar bills, and she has been instructed to remain inside and talk to no one.

Hot on the heels of the man with the money, Dime soon finds himself in hot water – tangled up with a band of crooks who will stop at nothing to get what they want. In the midst of his escapades he crosses paths with the beautiful and beguiling Elaine Damone, who enlists his help tracking down the thugs who have been blackmailing her brother. But soon the hunted becomes the hunter: a number of shady characters are lurking in the shadows, looking to settle a score…

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