Miss Mouse by Mira Stables

Miss Mouse by Mira Stables

Good looks and an attractive personality were a positive disadvantage to a girl who was obliged to earn her living as a governess.

When Graine Ashley takes up her third appointment in two years, she goes to considerable lengths to disguise these natural attributes.

Circumstances eventually conspire to show her in her true colours, but by that time her standing with the family has been established. Unfortunately, she has also fallen in love with her employer.

She has too much common sense to envisage any possibility of marriage with one so far above her. The only prudent thing to be done is to set him at a distance; a wise course, that proves to be remarkably difficult to achieve.

Mira Stables is the author of many historical fiction novels, including The Byram SuccessionMarriage Alliance, and Honey Pot.

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