Murder’s Art by Christopher Nicole

Murder’s Art by Christopher Nicole

The second novel in the exciting Partisan series…

Autumn 1941: General von Blintoft, a much-decorated veteran of the highly successful Russian campaign, arrives in Belgrade to assume command of the German forces occupying Yugoslavia; accompanying him are his wife and daughter.

His orders are to pacify the country. However, when his wife is killed by a sniper’s bullet meant for himself, von Blintoft is consumed by hatred for the people who committed such a crime and is determined to avenge her death.

Von Blintoft finds out that the assassination squad is commanded by the legendary English officer, Tony Davis. When the Germans attack the town of Uzize, Tony and the leader of the Partisans, Croat General Tito, are faced with the daunting task of planning a counter-attack. Amidst an atmosphere of treachery, betrayal and double-dealing, they must try to save the imprisoned Sandrine, Tony’s girlfriend, from certain torture and death…

Christopher Nicole (born 7 December 1930 in Georgetown, British Guiana) is a prolific British writer of over 200 novels and non-fiction books since 1957. As a romantic and passionate lover of history, Nicole’s first book was about West Indian Cricket. He published his first novel in 1959 with his first stories set in his native Caribbean. Later, Nicole wrote many historical novels set mostly in tumultuous periods like World War I, World War II and the Cold War, and depicted places in Europe, Asia and Africa. He also wrote classic romance novels.

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