Naval Battles of the 20th Century by Richard Hough

Naval Battles of the 20th Century by Richard Hough

A moving testament to naval battles that changed the world.

In the great wars that dominated the twentieth century, no territory was more fiercely contested than the sea. The major naval powers – Britain, America, Russia, and Japan – have all played a part in the theatre of war at sea over the last one hundred years.

Victories, defeats, and mutinies at sea, from the battle with the Bismarck to the battles of Midway and Guadalcanal, are all recorded in sometimes horrific detail.

In Naval Battles of the Twentieth Century the leading historian Richard Hough provides a masterful overview of those conflicts.

Richard Hough, the distinguished naval historian, was the author of many acclaimed books in the field, including The Fleet That Had to Die, Admirals in Collision, The Great War at Sea: 1914-18, and The Longest Battle: The War at Sea 1939-45. He was the biographer of Mountbatten, and his last biography, Captain James Cook, became a world bestseller.

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