No Time for Love by Emilie Loring

No Time for Love by Emilie Loring

Julie Bryce is beautiful and independent. She doesn’t know exactly what she wants in a man, but he mustn’t be rich, powerful or handsome. 

Yet, whilst investigating a jewel theft that has clouded her family’s good name, Julie is drawn into a world of international intrigue where she meets Mark Sefton, and falls for him — hard. Rich, powerful, handsome, mysterious, and with “no time for love,” will Mark be the one to change Julie’s attitude forever?

No Time For Love is a modern love story in which both man and woman keep their separate identities but still experience the thrill and joy of old-fashioned romance.

Emilie Loring was an American romance author who started writing in 1914 and continued writing until her death in 1951. Following her death, her sons continued to publish her work.

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