Ocean Strike by Damien Lewis


Most of the world is preparing for Christmas.

But a small fanatical group of lethal terrorists are preparing for something very different – the most devastating terror attack the world has ever witnessed. 

The target. 


A cargo ship has been hi-jacked.

It is heading for the British coast. 

But what is the plan? And how many millions of innocent lives will be lost if it cannot be stopped. 

All leave cancelled, the Special Boat Squadron is sent in to action. For the small, dedicated squadron tasked with dealing with the threat, it will be the most lethal mission of their careers. 

And the most vital. 

The Ocean Strike must be stopped – and the SBS must use whatever force is necessary to foil the terror plot. 

And if necessary they must lay down their own lives. 

‘Ocean Strike’ is a chillingly authentic military thriller that brilliant combines operational detail with a page-turning story. It is perfect for fans of Andy McNab and Chris Ryan. 
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“A gripping, gritty thriller. It hooked me from page one.’ – Matt Lynn, best-selling author of the Death Force thrillers.

Damien Lewis has spent twenty years reporting from war, disaster and conflict zones around the world. He has written a dozen non-fiction and fiction books, topping best-seller lists worldwide, and is published in some thirty languages. Two of his books are being made into feature films.


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