One Last Cold Kiss by James Humphreys

One Last Cold Kiss by James Humphreys

That’s what they said when student Laura Starke disappeared from her apprenticeship in the remote French village of St Quentin. And ten years on, the boyfriend, Robert Harvey, still lives under a cloud of suspicion. He may be a rising criminal barrister, and may be trying to forge a new life with colleague Rebekah, but he can’t escape the pointing fingers and the whispering.

Now a new investigator, Alain Cambrouze, has reopened the case. Robert has no choice but to return to St Quentin and help uncover the truth. His legal training may help. So too may the letters Laura wrote to him from St Quentin, describing her life there. But does Cambrouze see Robert as a colleague – or as his prime suspect?

One Last Cold Kiss is a psychological thriller with echoes of Minette Walters and Georges Simenon – but with its own unique twist on love, suspicion and betrayal.

If it’s true you should write about what you know, James Humphreys has the ideal career. It’s taken him from HMP Holloway to the Cabinet Room in No 10, taking in courts, forensic science laboratories and police headquarters along the way. It gives his psychological thrillers an extra authenticity, and as a leading researcher in behavioural studies, he also knows what makes people tick – even murderers. When not advising governments on the design of public services, he is an active conservationist, working for the Woodland Trust and Green MP Caroline Lucas.

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