Operation Neptune by Christopher Nicole

Operation Neptune by Christopher Nicole

Agent Jonathan Anders is in the deep end this time…

While pursuing his favourite hobby, sports car racing, in England, Jonathan Anders is sent on a seemingly simple assignment for British Intelligence. The task of finding hidden notes on a secret device that would allow a man to move as freely underwater as he does on land is complicated by treacherous caves, overzealous Irish rebels, an ex-Nazi scientist, and a deceptively beautiful Russian agent.

In the wrong hands, British Intelligence reasons, this device might be used as a weapon, rather than as a breakthrough in science for all mankind.

Part spoof, part rip-roaring adventure, Operation Neptune is Christopher Nicole’s third novel about the seasoned spy Jonathan Anders.

Christopher Nicole’s novels have been read by millions all over the world. Born and raised in Georgetown, Guyana, he later attended colleges in Guyana and in Barbados. In his long prolific career, Nicole has published over 200 novels and non-fiction works.

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