Partisan by Christopher Nicole

Partisan by Christopher Nicole

Yugoslavia, 1941.

Yugoslavia – hitherto neutral – finds itself at war with Germany as the pro-Nazi government is overthrown and replaced by a pro-Allied administration. The staff at the British Embassy make hasty plans to leave the country, but one of the military attachés, Captain Tony Davis, is separated from his comrades. Together with a motley crew of refugees, Davis escapes into the mountains of the west and begins a breathtaking series of adventures as he encounters the remnants of the Serbian army, the dreaded Ustase terrorists and, eventually, the Partisans, led by Josip Broz, alias Tito.

He rapidly becomes a legend, both for his fighting ability and his capacity for survival, but his personal life is bedevilled by the rivalry between two women: earthy Croat Elena and the delicate French journalist Sandrine.

Christopher Nicole’s novels have been read by millions all over the world. From Severn House, his McGann Family Chronicles concluded with Raging Sea, Searing Sky and The Passion and The Glory, whilst more recent publications have included The Triumph, Dragon’s Blood and The Command.

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