Pearl Harbour by Richard Freeman

Pearl Harbour by Richard Freeman

On the 7th December 1941 the world witnessed one of the most audacious surprise attacks in history.

While Tokyo and Washington talked peace, hundreds of Japanese war planes descended on the Sunday morning calm of Pearl Harbor. In less than 90 minutes four battleships were sunk, four more badly damaged and hundreds of American warplanes lay burnt out in tangled heaps on the runways.

Pearl Harbor: Hinge of War is packed with tales of heroism, valour and lucky escapes, as the men of the US army and navy heroically fought to save the planes, the ships, and their compatriots.

Richard Freeman graduated in mathematics before following a career in distance education. He now writes on naval history. His other books include; The Great Edwardian Naval FeudBritain’s Greatest Naval Battle: The Armada, Trafalgar, Jutland and A Close Run Thing: The Navy and the Falklands War.

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