Performance by Douglas Clark

Performance by Douglas Clark

Eleven murders. And they’re about to witness the twelfth.

Detective Chief Superintendent George Masters of Scotland Yard and his assistant, Bill Green, have travelled north to consult in the investigation of a series of eleven murders – one a month for the past year.

They have a remarkable theory linking the victims of these unsolved crimes, but the Northern Counties police are reluctant to accept it. To make matters worse, at a performance of Handel’s Messiah they witness the alto soloist fall dead on the stage…

Taking this as their cue, they go into action. Operating in the face of numerous difficulties, including petty police rivalry, Masters and Green endeavour to piece together an ingenious solution to this baffling puzzle.

Douglas Clark was born in Lincolnshire, 1919. He served in the Royal Horse Artillery in the 7th Armoured Division in the desert, Italy, France and Germany. Later he served in Amphibious Warfare until, on leaving the army in 1962, he joined the staff of a multinational pharmaceutical company. He wrote over 20 crime novels and under other names, including James Ditton and Peter Hosier, and a number of plays for BBC radio.

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