Persons Unknown by Gwen Moffat

Persons Unknown by Gwen Moffat

The delightful Miss Pink, Gwen Moffat’s amateur detective, is paying a visit to the remote village of Abersaint on the coast of West Wales…

She’s there to join the birthday celebrations of her old friend Roderick Bowen: although it’s his 87th birthday, he’s still full of energy and recently emerged victorious in a battle with the atomic energy Authority, halting their plan to build a fast breeder reactor on his land.

But Roderick has just had a nasty fall down the granary steps, and he believes that someone was trying to kill him. Then there’s the mysterious death in a fire of the flamboyant Sandra Maitland. Does Miss Pink have a murder to investigate?

Gwen Moffat’s main interests are wilderness areas and the genesis of murder, and all her books have featured one or the other. Moffat has written six travel books and twenty-six novels, including Dying for Love and Private Sins.

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