Peter West by D. E. Stevenson

Peter West by D. E. Stevenson

Will their love find its own way?

Beth Kerr is the daughter of the boatman in the small village of Kintoul. Her mother died at an early age, after an unhappy marriage that caused her family to cast her aside.

As the years pass, Beth grows into a beautiful young woman, watched over by the quiet Peter West. The owner of Kintoul House, Peter is a lonely man with a weak heart and few family members and friends…

They both struggle with their feelings for one another, before being forced to embark on marriages decided upon by their families. But will their lives follow the paths set for them, or will they find their own way?

D. E. Stevenson was born in Edinburgh. Her father was a first cousin of Robert Louis Stevenson. She was educated privately and travelled widely in France and Italy with her parents. She married a major in the Highland Light Infantry and moved with the regiment from place to place gaining valuable experience of life and people.

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