Pink Snow by Edna Dawes

Pink Snow by Edna Dawes

A romantic folk legend turns into a frightening reality.

Kathryn Davis goes to Austria in search of a folk tale for her next book, but when she wakes in a guest-house in a small village, she remembers driving across mountains at dusk . . . then nothing more until the present. The following day brings the first in a chain of events which lead to an attempt on Kathryn’s life.

Soon, it is apparent that the villagers are conspiring to involve her in murder, and it is difficult to know whom to trust. Anton Reiter, a local ski-champion, vows he wishes to help her, but is he merely a playboy as Robert Farr, an English fellow-guest, suggests?

Kathryn finds her folk tale, but fact becomes mixed with fantasy before the mystery of Mosskirch village is solved.

Edna Dawes is the pen-name of Emma Drummond, born in 1931. Her father was a member of the British Army stationed in Hong Kong, where Drummond spent the early years of her life. As well as writing books, she worked in the Women’s Royal Army Corps. She is the bestselling author of many historical romances as well as the popular World War II novels And In The MorningAt The Going Down Of The SunWe Will Remember and Shadows Over The Sun.

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