Plain Sailing by Douglas Clark

Plain Sailing by Douglas Clark

Masters and Green just wanted a holiday. But murders do not wait.

Masters and Green are on holiday at a small village near Durham when they are called out to a murder investigation at a seaside resort not far away. It appears that the son of an Essex police colleague has been found dead in his boat. Before long, Masters and Green are joined by their trusty assistants, WDS Tippen and DS Berger, much to the hilarious despair of their wives, who had hoped for a week’s peace.

It turns out that the body had been found in a locked room, so a member of the yacht club must be responsible. Masters and Green expose many an adulterous scandal on the way to the truth…

Plain Sailing is a tense and intriguing police procedural that will satisfy fans of Stuart Macbride and James Patterson.

Douglas Clark was born in Lincolnshire, 1919. He served in the Royal Horse Artillery in the 7th Armoured Division. Later he served in Amphibious Warfare until, on leaving the army in 1962, he joined the staff of a pharmaceutical company. He wrote over 20 crime novels and a number of plays for BBC radio. Plain Sailing is the next installment in the acclaimed Masters and Green series.

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