Russian Magic by Cherry Gilchrist

Russian Magic by Cherry Gilchrist

The first time any Westerner has understood the Russian soul. – Alexander Prior, Musician and Composer

The Firebird, Snowmaiden, Father Frost, Baba Yaga… the names of such beloved Russian fairy-tale characters evoke a magical world. Yet Russia’s rich folk culture is usually seen only as a backdrop to political and historical studies. For the first time, Cherry Gilchrist shows how Russian fairy tales, native wisdom, and folk art are interrelated.

The Russian people – archaeologists, scientists, doctors, and country folk alike – feel a close bond with their vast and scenic landscape and share a keen interest in psychic phenomena and faith healing. Gilchrist mines their awareness and brings an animated universe to life with:

• Animal tales, myths, and legends
• Eyewitness accounts of magical creatures
• Rituals, charms, beliefs, and prophesies
• Herbalism and healing
• The magical worldview’s influence on art and architecture

With gorgeous illustrations, here is probably the best guide to Russian lore available in English today. Entering its fascinating realm can lead us into the soul of our own landscape and inspire us to magical creativity in our own lives.

Cherry Gilchrist is the author of many books on mythology, traditional culture, and inner traditions, including The Alchemist’s Path, Stories from the Silk Road, A Calendar of Festivals, The Circle of Nine, and Divination.

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