Shadows in the Fire by Edna Dawes

Shadows in the Fire by Edna Dawes

The trouble with thieves…

When the authorities of Cape Town Museum are threatened with the theft of the principal item in the Drexel Collection – a set of East African antiques on loan from Britain – its English curator, Professor Baxter, makes alternative secret arrangements to fly them to Johannesburg.

But he falls ill and his young and dedicated assistant, Helen Ames, is left to make the journey with the flippant South African pilot, Chris Schroeder, who runs a one-man charter freight service.

It is soon apparent that the flight is not so secret, and that somebody is determined at all costs to return the antiques to their place of origin – the East African state of Gambola.

Shadows in the Fire is another exhilarating action-adventure from best-selling author Edna Dawes.

Edna Dawes is the pen-name of Emma Drummond, born in 1931 in a military hospital into a family with a long record of Army service. She spent her early childhood in the Far East where her father was posted for overseas duty in Hong Kong. She has travelled extensively in Europe and spent another period in the Far East. Her other interests include theatrical costume, and Viennese operetta.

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