Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Crippen by Donald MacLachlan

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Crippen by Donald MacLachlan


London. 1910. When Dr. Crippen’s wife, music hall star Belle Ellemore, left him to join her lover in America, the good doctor was devastated. Or so he claimed.

Before long, he’d moved his lover into his London home and friends of the Crippens began to get suspicious. If she had, as he said, eloped to the States, then why had no one received any letters from her? And why was there no record of her onboard a ship?

Eyebrows are further raised when he announces his beloved wife has died in California – and then claims she is alive after all. Scotland Yard soon comes calling, prompting Crippen and his lover to flee the country with his young mistress disguised as a small boy.

There’s only one thing for it – Sherlock Holmes must come out of retirement! Working alongside Chief Inspector Walter Dew, Holmes and Watson discover something shocking in the tiny cellar of Crippen’s North London home that changes the course of their investigation and leads them on a wild sea-chase across the Atlantic.

Part true crime and part Sherlockian mystery, Sherlock Holmes and Dr Crippen is a captivating yarn inspired by the true events that the contemporary police force called the crime of the century.

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