Simon’s Waif by Mira Stables

Simon’s Waif by Mira Stables

Harriet’s birth was no more than respectable and although she had wealthy relatives she herself was penniless.

Cast upon the world at fifteen she spent five miserable years as an under servant in a pretentious middleclass household until ill treatment drove her to run away.

Accident brought her to Furzedown, the home of Simon Warhurst, but prolonged residence in a bachelor household was obviously unsuitable. Various kindly ladies interested themselves in her welfare and she even made a modest début in Society.

Her success attracted the attention of her wealthy grandfather, who decided that she would make a suitable bride for his heir, but rank and wealth held no appeal for Harriet, whose heart was already given.

Once again she was obliged to run away, but this time she found safety and happiness in the care of the man she loved.

Mira Stables is the author of many historical fiction novels, including The Byram SuccessionMarriage Alliance, and Honey Pot.

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