Sink or Swim by Gerald Hammond

Sink or Swim by Gerald Hammond

Set amid the world of sport shooting in Scotland, a Keith Calder mystery—with help from a new sleuth.

While out with a friend on a local shoot, Wallace James has a sudden and terrifying reminder of his own mortality: a myocardial infraction, a.k.a. a heart attack. From now on, he’ll have to take life slowly and avoid exertion or stress.

Of course, this is easier said than done for an active, inquisitive man like Wallace—especially once he starts to follow the news of a local tragedy. Kenneth Berry, an important landowner, has apparently drowned while fishing—and his longtime enemy was reportedly nearby.

But then, even as Wallace stays home to avoid excitement, he overhears a CB radio conversation that suggests Berry’s death involved blackmail and something more sinister than an accident…

Sink or Swim is another clever and atmospheric whodunit that Hammond fans will surely enjoy.

GERALD HAMMOND lives in the Scottish Highlands, where he hunts, fishes, and writes his widely read Cunningham and Calder mysteries.

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