Sisters Under the Skin by Marcia Willett

Sisters Under the Skin by Marcia Willett

Stepsisters Olivia and Emily are at daggers drawn

– until the arrival of their half-sister, Rosie, when they unite in their hatred of the newcomer. Rosie, Mummy and Daddy’s little Princess, can certainly look after herself though, and cunningly throws secret spanners in the works for her sisters.

As the girls grow older, Rosie becomes more and more manipulative and her schemes soon take on a more malicious note. But even she can go too far and, when Olivia and Emily find out what she has in store for them, they decide the time has come to put a stop to their sister’s antics once and for all …

Willa Marsh was born in Somerset and lives in a Georgian parsonage in Devon with her husband and two Newfoundlands. As Marcia Willett, she also writes well-reviewed novels published by Headline.

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