Snare by Gwen Moffat

Snare by Gwen Moffat

Miss Melinda Pink, renowned Scottish mystery writer, arrives at the sleepy Scottish village of Sgoradale, determined to finish her latest book amidst small-town peace and quiet. But she soon discovers some sinister undercurrents…

Local handyman, Ivar Campbell, regularly implies that he may be involved in espionage and intelligence work. Most of the villagers ignore this as lies and idle boasting. That is, until Ivar’s wife leaves him, and his cottage is set on fire.

But when anonymous letters and hints of blackmail escalate to murder, Miss Pink is on the case. Using methods that might be considered questionable by police standards, she refuses to give up until all the secrets of this quiet lochside retreat are fully exposed.

Miss Pink has seen snares in action before, and she is well aware that in capable hands—and given a sharp twist—a snare can be turned into a noose…

Gwen Moffat’s main interests are wilderness areas and the genesis of murder, and all her books have featured one or the other. Moffat has written six travel books and twenty-six novels, including Dying for Love and Private Sins.

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