The Song of the Rainbird by Barbara Whitnell

When Kate Carswell embarked on her journey to Kenya, she couldn’t have predicted the hardships and successes of her life.

Defying her father, she hoped to marry her fiancé Edward Matcham where they’d make a living in Africa.

But shortly after arriving, she is informed of Edward’s unfortunate death; an accident while on safari with his business partner, Christy Brennan.

Though suspicious of Christy and his enigmatic behaviour, and heavy with grief for Edward, Kate is determined to make her dreams of teaching come true.

Soon enough, she runs a girl’s school for the burgeoning white settlers. Although successful and well liked by the community, rumours of her ‘unorthodox’ ideas about treating the natives as equals, ruffles the more narrow-minded settlers.

And when she adopts an orphaned mixed-race girl – naming her Cleopatra ‘Patsy’ Carswell – Kate’s life is forever changed.

Set in the evocative landscape of Kenya, Song of the Rainbird is a poignant and moving tale of enduring love, of racial injustice, of realised and unrealised dreams, and the unbreakable bonds of family. Written with compassion and warmth, Barbara Whitnell’s novel is sure to captivate until the very last word. Perfect for readers of Catherine Cookson and Anne Piper.

Barbara Whitnell spent many years in Africa, teaching in both Kenya and Uganda. Later, she travelled extensively – to the West Indies and Hong Kong. She now divides her time between Cornwall and London. Having written sixteen novels in her long writing career, Song of the Rainbird is her second novel.

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