Sovereign’s Key by Rosalind Laker

Sovereign’s Key by Rosalind Laker

Of love and violence in a time of change…

Fostered out at birth, Theresa Marlow, highwayman’s daughter, grew up on a farm in the tiny hamlet of Bognor. The town expanded rapidly and turned into a fashionable and elegant resort to rival Brighton. Against this fast-changing background, Theresa rose from linen maid to lady of fashion.

The three men she loved influenced her future destiny: Andrew, the tavern-boy who went to sea; David, the young officer with whom she liaises on the beach; and Jonathan, landowner and compulsive gambler. It was Theresa’s obsessional passion for Jonathan that set her on a path more terrible and violent than anything she could have dreamed possible.

Rosalind Laker is a best-selling novelist that has been published all over the world, with her works translated into twenty languages. The author of over forty historical novels, her first work was published in 1970; Warwyck’s Wife</em is the first of her acclaimed Easthampton trilogy and is followed by Claudine’s Daughter and The Warwycks of Easthampton.

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