Stickman by Barry Fantoni

Stickman by Barry Fantoni

August 1949. Private detective Mike Dime is enjoying a long hot summer of drinking and women. Dragging himself out of bed one morning, Dime suddenly finds himself face-to-face with 64 inches of dazzling trouble by the name of Nancy Canady. Her handsome jazz drummer boyfriend has found himself in jail for murder, and she needs Dime’s help. The cops aren’t interested, his lawyer’s gone AWOL and his trial is fast approaching.

In a frantic quest to find the real killer, Dime is sent spinning blindly through the streets of Philadelphia and Atlantic City. When crooked cops, mobsters, hotshot lawyers and musicians all try their best to interfere, Dime soon finds himself immersed in a murder mystery that has more twists and turns than ever before. Will he be able to work it out in time before Nancy’s one true love pays the ultimate price for someone else’s crimes?

Stickman is a fast-paced and gripping murder mystery in which author Barry Fantoni once more brilliantly out-Chandlers Chandler.

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