Storm Before Sunrise by Glenys Davies

Storm Before Sunrise by Glenys Davies

How could he turn her away?

The last thing Adam Kingsley needs is another housemaid for his home and medical practice in New York State. But when a half-starved, frozen waif arrives from England, he hasn’t the heart to turn her away. Soon, Adam isn’t at all sure he has made the right decision. In spite of the difference in their status, he finds himself strangely attracted to the pretty new maid, whose manner and accomplishments seem to belie her upbringing in a Wapping Orphanage.

Before he can delve deeper into the girl’s shadowy past, she runs away, leaving Adam feeling unexpectedly bereft. Yet there is more to the mysterious runaway than meets the eye – and it is only a matter of time before their paths cross once more…

Storm Before Sunrise is an enchanting love story from the author of Fool’s Gold (‘a fresh and enjoyable novel’ The Sunday Times), also available from Endeavour Media.

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