Sucker by Lana Citron

Sucker by Lana Citron

‘Bea’s eyes flickered and leaning forward she crossed her legs. Brian was to be tonight’s wallet.’

Two Irish girls navigate single life in late nineties London – Bea, in recovery from being dumped by Dublin charmer Donald, and schoolfriend Non. The story is told by Non, whose life weaves in and around the characters; Brian, Bea’s new boyfriend; Adam, the lawyer investigating a rape case who may become Non’s lover; Marcus the sugar daddy; and Ruth, the plain, sad flatmate. Our girls flit from pub to nightclub and back again to the daily drag of office life.

Citron’s seemingly scattershot prose lights up a picture of lives isolated within the hum of the city, looking for ways to connect and told with Gaelic charm and humour. Recollections of their shared upbringing in Ireland thread through Non’s memory, but they too are shadowed with shame and defiance. A witty, acid bright tale of modern mores and a brilliant debut from prize winning Irish novelist and screenwriter Lana Citron.

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