Tallant for Democracy by Christopher Nicole

Tallant for Democracy by Christopher Nicole

A dangerous affair… 

When Colonel Munroe Tallant, Commissioner of Police in the tiny ex-British colony of Grand Flamingo, is informed that the wife of the Prime Minister, Sir John Castanos, is having an affair, he realises that he has a potential calamity on his hands. For Sir John, like Tallant, is black, but the First Lady is white, and in a community like that of Grand Flamingo this could be an explosive issue.

With scandals in high places, a dead body on the beach is the last thing anyone needs – especially when it washes up only a few feet away from where Lady Castanos conducts her secret rendezvous. What’s more, the Prime Minister is considering holding a referendum in order to take Grand Flamingo out of the Commonwealth. Tallant realises a crisis is unfolding…

Born in the West Indies, British author Christopher Nicole won international acclaim for his historical fiction. He lived with his wife, Diana, also a novelist, in the Channel Islands, where he also wrote under the name Alan Savage. Other works include Ransom Island, Poor Darling, The Pursuit, The Voyage, Demon, The Followers, The Falls of Death, A Fearful Thing and, most recently, Cold Country.

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