Tallant for Terror by Christopher Nicole

Tallant for Terror by Christopher Nicole

Tallant is back!

A West Indian paradise of sun, sea and sand but no income tax, the island of Grand Flamingo seems idyllic until the moment terrorism and murder suddenly strike…

Attempting to stop the threatening chaos from gaining hold is the distinctive figure of Munroe Tallant, Grand Flamingo’s Commissioner of Police. A West Indian Test cricketer in his youth, Tallant now finds himself playing the grimmest game of his life as he battles to outwit an organisation bent on reducing the entire world to anarchy while he tracks down a seemingly motiveless serial killer.

This is the long-awaited return of Tallant, whose view of human nature lends him his own peculiar brand of cynicism and wry humour.

Born in the West Indies, British author Christopher Nicole has won international acclaim for his historical fiction. He lives with his wife, Diana, also a novelist, in the Channel Islands, where he also writes under the name Alan Savage. Other works include Ransom Island, Poor Darling, The Pursuit, The Voyage, Demon, The Followers, The Falls of Death, A Fearful Thing and, most recently, Cold Country, Hot Sun.

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