Terror Tower by Gerald Verner

Terror Tower by Gerald Verner

Worryingly for Scotland Yard, four officers disappear whilst on duty. 

One vanishes chasing a forger. Then two officers disappear searching for a wanted jewel thief in Hythe. Finally, a fourth officer vanishes in Hythe, after being sent to the nearby village of Stonehurst.

Criminologist Trevor Lowe investigates a lead: someone has telephoned to arrange a meeting at the crossroads between the two villages. Lowe keeps the rendezvous but finds the man has been silenced — shot dead in a ditch . . .

This twisty, edge-of-the-seat thriller will see the strong arm of London’s police force picked off one by one in a whodunit that unravels with all the pace and intrigue of Line of Duty.

Gerald Verner (1897-1980) was the pseudonym of British writer John Robert Stuart Pringle. Born in London, Verner wrote more than 120 novels that have been translated in over 35 languages, and many of his books have been adapted into films, radio serials and stage plays.

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