The Abbot of Stockbridge by Philip McCutchan

The Abbot of Stockbridge by Philip McCutchan

Brother Ducky? Mr Sedge? Eustace? A myriad of names for one man whose second cousin resurfaces with the power to destroy his career.

Not to mention, his relationship with Wally Crushe-Smith, also the Abbot of Stockbridge, is a grievous embarrassment. Hedge has worked hard to be where he is in the Foreign Office and he will not let some wayward cousin of his scupper his very cosy career.

Detective Chief Superintendent Simon Shard…That’s who Hedge needs more than anyone. But how much should he share with Shard?

But with MI5 sniffing around looking for illegal immigrants and neo-Nazis, Hedge’s well-kept secret surfaces…but Hedge does what he does best and denies everything…which sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. But, with the Prime Minister’s backing, Hedge is let off the hook to join Shard at the monastery, not as a fellow prisoner, but undercover.

Shard soon finds life in a monastery garden is not as tranquil as he would have expected. But things only get worse when Brother Ducky joins the crowd…just when he was making some headway with Brother Peter!

Philip McCutchan began writing in 1956. Prior to this, he joined the Royal Navy on the outbreak of World War Two as an Ordinary Signalman and ended the war as a lieutenant, having served in destroyers, aircraft carriers, cruisers, a battleships battlecruiser, an armed trawler, and an ocean boarding vessel. For three years after the war he sailed in Orient Liners on the Australian run and then for a time became an assistant master in a preparatory school.

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