The Bartholomew Fair Murders by Leonard Tourney

The Bartholomew Fair Murders by Leonard Tourney

An authentically detailed tale of murder and intrigue set in Elizabethan England.

Matthew Stock, country constable, becomes involved in murderous matters when he discovers that a bear, trained to kill dogs for the St. Bartholomew Fair, attended by Queen Elizabeth of England, has its sight set on a higher prize…

The Bartholomew Fair Murders is book 4 in the Joan and Matthew Stock Mystery series.

Leonard Tourney was born and raised in Southern California, Leonard Tourney has spent his professional life as a teacher of writing and literature, especially that of William Shakespeare. He has written eight earlier mystery novels featuring the detective Matthew Stock and his wife, Joan. Since 1985, Tourney has been on the faculty of the Writing Program at the University of California at Santa Barbara. He is married to the actress/director Judith Olauson.

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