The Beastly Trees by Sam Logue

The Beastly Trees by Sam Logue

Beautiful Blackthorn Island is a small community but at its heart lies a big, ugly secret…

A small boy vanishes while on a visit to a park in Blackthorn with his family. The park is edged by a forest with strange trees that look like menacing beasts. Bizarrely, some also look a bit like several other missing children.

The family of Paul Gold, one of two identical twin boys, are distraught as his disappearance blights their lives. His younger sister Katie claims Paul visits her, but isn’t certain if what she sees is a ghost, or something else.

Years later Katie falls in love with a handsome, wealthy boy named Julian Bloomfield. Julian was in the park the day Paul went missing. Why did Julian’s nanny lie about calling the police the day Paul disappeared? What is the mysterious mark that some of the islanders, including Katie and Julian’s mother, bear? Why do figures in Julian’s paintings vanish and then reappear? Was Paul simply abducted and could he still be alive on the island?

These questions demand answers and Sam Logue’s supernatural thriller, The Beastly Trees takes readers on the relentless pursuit for the truth.

Sam Logue is an author of mysteries and thrillers.

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