The Captain’s Woman by Christopher Nicole

The Captain’s Woman by Christopher Nicole

Together they rode the cresting waves of passion and peril…

His name was Nicholas Minnett. His wealth knew no limits, his daring no boundaries, his desires no taboos. Now he was threading his way through a maze of intrigue that stretched from the topmost level of English aristocracy to the turmoil of war-torn Paris, blazing a trail of conquests that led from the skilled sensuality of London’s reigning beauty to the elemental hunger of the most wanton daughter of the revolution.

Nicholas Minnett plunges into the darkest depths of danger in a world turned upside down by treachery and revenge as he desperately tries to reach and save the captivating, tantalizing, mysterious creature who alone enslaved his will and possessed his heart…

Christopher Nicole’s novels have been read by millions all over the world. Born and raised in Georgetown, Guyana, he later attended colleges in Guyana and in Barbados. In his long prolific career, Nicole has published over 200 novels and non-fiction works.

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