The Colour of Fire

The Colour of Fire

‘Really extraordinary. It grabs you from the first page.’ – Edward Klekowski

London, May 1945.

Captain Tom Caine knows he should be out with the throngs of revellers, celebrating Victory in Europe. But instead of elation he only feels anger. He cannot forget the horrors of the past six years and the friends he was unable to save.

And what about Celia Blaney, field security officer and the object of his affections, reported MIA?

Then Caine receives an offer to become part of a war crimes investigation team, tasked with uncovering the fate of service men and women who went missing in France.

But his team quickly finds that Allied forces and the Military Police, the very people who should be supporting their endeavour, are inexplicably obstructing their progress.

Is there something they don’t want them to know? Something connected to the missing SAS men?

…and Blaney?

This action-packed thriller offers insight into the chaotic state of post-war Europe, depicting the harrowing aftermath of the atrocities wreaked by Nazi occupation.

‘It’s everything you’d expect: well plotted, taut, with fast flowing action, a believable and intriguing plot and very credible characters.’ – John Sadler, author of Blitzing Rommel

Michael Asher has served in the Parachute Regiment and the SAS. A fluent Arabic speaker, he lived for several years with desert nomads, and later made the first recorded crossing of the Sahara from west to east by camel and on foot. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, and has won a number of awards for exploration, including the Lawrence of
Arabia Memorial Medal of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs. Among his previous books are the bestselling The Real Bravo Two Zero and the autobiographical Shoot to Kill: From 2 Para to the SAS.

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