The Curse of the Cockers by Gerald Hammond

The Curse of the Cockers by Gerald Hammond

The Hogmanay celebrations in Fife are cut short by tragedy when a reveller is killed by a hit and run driver in a Land-Rover.

Returning to the scene, John and Beth Cunningham, owners of the Three Oaks Kennels, find what appears to be the only clue: a terrified cocker spaniel abandoned at the roadside. As the police, still reeling from a gruesome local murder a few days previously, arrive to investigate, events take a sinister turn. Tell-tale traces of blood are found on John’s business partner’s Land-Rover.

In desperation, he begs John to clear his name. But what starts as a favour for a friend soon becomes something a great deal more frightening: a confrontation with a ruthless psychopath who’ll do anything to cover his tracks…

Gerald Hammond worked as an architect for thirty years which, he says, was quite long enough. In 1982 he accepted a nominal retirement. He lives in Scotland and spends his time shooting, fishing and writing.

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