The Dividend Was Death by William J Coughlin

The Dividend Was Death by William J Coughlin

Everyone knew what sort of photographs to expect in White Tie magazine, and had their own ideas about the girls who posed for them. So how did beautiful but sheltered young Margo Kobency come to be featured in the magazine’s notorious centre-spread? Her outraged father cried murder … and murder was done to one of the magazine’s executives.

‘Stonewall’ Jackson Walsh is called in to prove Mr. Kobency’s innocence, but soon he finds himself embroiled in a vicious and desperate battle for power between some of the wealthiest and most ruthless men he’s ever known.

William J. Coughlin has combined a career as a United States administrative judge in Detroit with that of a best-selling novelist. His four previous highly acclaimed and successful novels are The Twelve ApostlesHis Father’s DaughterIn the Presence of Enemies and Shadow of a Doubt.

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