The Dragonfly Brooch by Estella McQueen

The Dragonfly Brooch by Estella McQueen

Secrets from the past continue to exercise their power.

Charlie Gilchrist, Psychic historian, has the unique gift of ‘retrocognition’: the ability to see into the past. Objects, like a brooch, and even sensations like a smell or sound, can trigger visions and scenes from the past to play out before him.

Summoned to Provence – a magical place for artists like Vincent van Gogh – he must try to help Anne Marie Devine, a fallen star of the English theatre, revive a career which has been tragically blighted by every actor’s nemesis; dreaded stage fright. As Charlie digs into her past and the visions begin, it soon becomes clear that ancestral demons could also be having a profound effect on Anne Marie’s future.

Estella McQueen’s The Dragonfly Brooch is a heady brew of history and the supernatural and will appeal to fans of the novels of Barbara Erskine or Audrey Niffenegger, author of The Time Traveler’s Wife.

Estella McQueen is a former BBC researcher, married to a librarian, who grew up in Leicestershire but now lives in London. When not writing she loves going to the theatre, visiting museums and art galleries and exploring her adopted city.

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