The Executor by Gerald Hammond

The Executor by Gerald Hammond

Gerald Hammond’s latest novel delivers a brisk new adventure for Keith Calder, the rakish ex-poacher and gunsmith, and introduces an attractive new sleuth, Calder’s daughter Deborah.

Keith’s friend and customer Robin Winterton has been murdered, and—almost as shocking to Keith—his not-so grieving widow has sold Winterton’s superb antique gun collection to a knocker for a fraction of its worth.

As executor of Winterton’s estate, Calder tries to track down the guns. He soon comes across some facts at variance with the prevailing theory that Winterton was killed by a casual thief. Further investigation uncovers blackmail, violence, and more than one skeleton in the Winterton family closet.

As Hammond fans have come to expect, The Executor is a fast-moving, intricate, and satisfying thriller.

Gerald Hammond lives and works in Scotland, the setting for his Keith Calder novels. He also writes as Arthur Douglas.

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