The Frightened Man by Gerald Verner

The Frightened Man by Gerald Verner

Someone is trying to kill Samuel. But what is he hiding?

Samuel Coyne is confined to the house, so when someone tries to kill him, he calls Paul Rivington. Although he denies knowing the attacker’s motive, or identity, he has erected elaborate defences around his house.

When Paul is present at the discovery of a man’s body nearby, he is surprised to learn that their identity has been stolen, and their head shaved. Later, when an intruder is captured at the house, it turns out Coyne might not be who he said he is after all…

Gerald Verner (1897-1980) was the pseudonym of British writer John Robert Stuart Pringle. Born in London, Verner wrote more than 120 novels that have been translated in over 35 languages, and many of his books have been adapted into films, radio serials and stage plays.

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